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Prateek is a Frontend Engineer currently building Fold.   He loves creating awesome stuff and writing things he learns along the way, usually about JavaScript, React, and TypeScript. Apart from his unconditional love for technology he enjoys watching Marvel movies and playing quirky games on his phone.


Prateek has contributed to various publications such as LogRocket, Hackernoon, and Better Programming in the past. His work has been featured in numerous React and JavaScript newsletters including JavaScript Weekly ( #543 and #558 ), Bytes by ui.dev , React Status , This Week in React and React Digest . Here are some of the posts he has written recently.

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Although Prateek has worked on a bunch of projects but these are some that he is really proud of and/or is actively maintaining.

Scrroll In Logo

Scrroll In

A chrome extension that lets you save multiple scroll positions on a webpage and allow you to access them whenever you come back to the page.

Twitter Clone Logo

Twitter Clone

Two implementations of the core features of Twitter built using React Server Components with Next.js and Remix.

Scriptified Logo


A weekly newsletter with insightful tips, tools and resources on React and JavaScript. Built with Next.js and TailwindCSS.

Every Arcane Frame Logo

Every Arcane Frame

A Twitter bot that tweets a random frame from the Netflix show Arcane every hour, via GitHub actions cron jobs.

Game of life Logo

Game of life

An interactive game demonstrating and explaining John Conway's Game of Life. Also built with Next.js and TailwindCSS.

Smart Apart Logo

Smart Apart

An android app that provides you a daily curated feed in various categories. This is the project with which Prateek started his development journey.

Open Source

Prateek đź’ž Open source, apart from making all of his projects fully open sourced he also like to contribute to other projects that he actively uses. He currently maintains Devfolio's react-otp-input which has over 100k weekly downloads and has also contributed to react-query , brahmosjs , daily.dev , and many others.

Get in Touch

Prateek is pretty active on Twitter and keeps his DMs open, feel free to drop him a message there. Not a Twitter person? You can also contact him via the form below.