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About Me

Prateek is a Frontend Engineer and an iOS developer, currently building Fold and Devfolio.
Apart from his unconditional love for JavaScript and React, he also enjoys watching Marvel movies and playing quirky games on his phone.



iOS Developer

  • Building Fold, a digital-only bank, that's transparent fast and powerful.


Frontend Engineer

  • Building Devfolio, and fulfilling its aim of building a thriving developer ecosystem in India and helping organizers host great hackathons.


React Native developer intern

  • Built a video streaming app template and published it on their marketplace.
  • Learnt, React Native from scratch, using the facebook docs.
  • Mentored other hybrid app developement trainees.

Dream Animators

Ionic Developer

  • Learnt working remotely building a hybrid mobile app that was released on both Play Store and App Store.
  • Used Wordpress APIs to post and fetch from a wordpress website having different sections for different blogs, and for authentication.
  • Learnt to use git and source tree for Version Control.


Scrroll In

An extension to save the scroll position of the webpage. It is fully open source with contributions from more than 10 contributors and has more than 80 upvotes on Product Hunt.

Chrome Webstore       Product Hunt       GitHub


A small React component that lets you copy emails from mailto links.

GitHub       NPM

Smart Apart

An android app which trains your brain using curated feeds in various categories which include videos, news articles, facts, quotes and more. Received more than 500 downloads on play store.

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A react native npm package that lets you scroll infinitely in both directions by repeating the same components again and again, and hence creating an infinite looping effect.

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Smart Farm

Smart Farm is a crop management system that allots crops to farmers on the basis of the highest requirement crop predicted using machine learning from the crops that are suitable for their area according to the soil type, average rainfall etc. in their area, so that crops dont get wasted and, are produced accordingly. It consist of two apps a mobile app for the end-user i.e. the farmer, and a web-app for the admin.

Mobile app       Web app       GitHub

Multiplayer Online TicTacToe

It is an online multiplayer tic tac toe game with social login and leaderboards that keeps track of scores of all the users, which lets you challenge online players, play and compete with them, it is built using AngularJs and Firebase for backend database.

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My homey Blog

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Open Source


Worked on a feature for the daily extension to hide the read posts from feed. Worked on both the GraphQL backend and the VueJS frontend while adding the feature.

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Brahmos is a supercharged JavaScript library to build user interfaces with modern React API and native templates. I worked on adding adding test cases and fixing any breaking features for the framework using jest.

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Solved issues related to separating release and debug builds and resources.

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