Prateek Surana

Mobile and Web App Developer,React Native Enthusiast,Blogger

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About Me

I am a senior year engineering student who loves to code, tweak smartphones, watch marvel movies, expand knowledge in new emerging technologies and learn new skills.



Front end engineering intern

  • Building Devfolio, and fulfilling its aim of building a thriving developer ecosystem in India and helping organizers host great hackathons.

Youstart Labs

React native developer intern

  • Worked as a React native developer intern on a netflix clone, Teleflix, and published it on their marketplace.
  • Learnt the hottest app framework, React native from scratch, using the facebook docs.
  • Mentored another ionic application similar to solo learn.

Dream Animators

Ionic Developer

  • Worked as an ionic developer in a remote internship on the "Fairpencil" hybrid mobile app.
  • Used Wordpress APIs to post and fetch from a wordpress website having different sections for different blogs, and for authentication.
  • Learnt to use source tree for Version control.




St. Annes Senior secondary school, Jodhpur

Secured 9.2 CGPA

Senior Secondary


St. Annes Senior secondary school, Jodhpur

Secured 87.8% aggregate with 90.67% in PCM.

Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology


Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

72.08 % agg.



It is a video streaming app similar to netflix built using react native and firebase for database, authentication, storage and push notifications. It was built for Youstart Lab's app marketplace, Enappd during my internship.

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Smart Farm

Smart Farm is a crop management system that allots crops to farmers on the basis of the highest requirement crop predicted using machine learning from the crops that are suitable for their area according to the soil type, average rainfall etc. in their area, so that crops dont get wasted and, are produced accordingly. It consist of two apps a mobile app for the end-user i.e. the farmer, and a web-app for the admin.

Mobile app       Web app       Github

Multiplayer Online TicTacToe

It is an online multiplayer tic tac toe game with social login and leaderboards that keeps track of scores of all the users, which lets you challenge online players, play and compete with them, it is built using AngularJs and Firebase for backend database.

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It is a react native npm package that lets you scroll infinitely in both directions by repeating the same components again and again, and hence creating an infinite looping effect.

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Smart Apart

It is a mobile app which trains your brain using curated feeds in various categories which include videos, news articles, facts, quotes and what happened on this day.

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It is a react native app to controls and monitors an IOT project that reuses the waste water from water purifiers for smart gardening. I developed during the Inout 5.0 hackathon.

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It is a hybrid app available both on android and ios built using ionic framework that fetches and displays WordPress blogs and also lets users create posts on the same. It was created for Dream Animators during my internship.

Android       IOS

Todo App

Todo app is a web app made with SngularJS and firebase used to store your todo lists and tasks using social login and lets you prioritize, modify and set the status of those tasks

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My homey Blog

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Open Source


Created separate resources for release and debug build by creating separate resource folders for release and debug build resources. Find more details in the pull request.

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Solved a javascript issue by updating the tests in the create-a-more-complex-shape-using-css-and-html section that caused the test to fail even when there was a space after semicolon. Find more details in the pull request.

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Solved an issue which resisted debug and release builds to co-exist in the same device because they had the same package name. Find out more details in the pull request.

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Activities and Achievements

Other Activities and achievements

  • Apart from being in the top 10 in IIT Bombay's 2018 coding competition, was in the top 50% in 2016 and 2017.
  • Runnerup in Robo race in Manipal University's Techideate'16
  • Participated in Rajasthan Hackathon 3.0 and 4.0
  • Participated and volunteered in various technical events and clubs


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